Who Am I? Part 1 - How to Discover Your Unique Strengths in 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever thought of getting crystal clear on what your strength are and actively using them in order to discover your true passion and purpose? If I’d ask you right now about what you’re really good at and what gifts god gave you in this life, would you be able to write down the top 5 strengths that only you have? A lot of times we find it easier to name our weaknesses and criticize ourselves for them. We have a tendency to think that what comes naturally to us, comes naturally to everyone else, which leaves us thinking that we’re not unique and stand out. You might even feel like you’re just getting lost in the crowd.

When I discovered the coaching profession a fire was ignited in my soul.  I not only found something I was passionate about, but also that I was pretty good at.  I felt God calling me to this profession and pushing me harder to go and serve his people. 

So how did I start to discover this purpose and passion?

It was a lot of different things that God guided me with, one of them being discovering my strengths. Here are three simple steps to help you discover your unique gifts and strengths:

  1. My favorite resource is the Strength Finder Assessment. You can either purchase the assessment separately or get it for free when purchasing the book Now Discover Your Strengths. The assessment will help you find your top 5 strengths.

  2. Ask 20 people who know you best about what they see as your top 3-5 God-given strengths. Evaluate the common themes you see in their answers. Did anything surprise you? Which strengths do you agree/disagree with?

  3. Self-evaluate. Make a list of the things that come naturally to you (listening, cooking, sports, etc.). What energizes you and lets you loose track of time? Don’t overthink, just write down what comes to mind first. Then highlight what you believe are your top 5 strengths.

I love assessments and learning more about myself so I have done all three.  Do the ones that feel right to you.  Leave a comment below, I would love to hear what you’ve discovered.