Who Am I? Part 2 - How to Discover Yourself With the Help of Assessments

In the process of discovering who you are, what drives you, what your passion is and getting into deeper connection with yourself, assessments are a great tool to gain clarity about your “Who” faster and more efficiently. As I already mentioned in Part 1 of this series, I’m a huge fan of assessments and what they can do for us in the process of self discovery. I collected a list of the top 5 assessments that not only I love, but many of my clients as well. 

  1. 16 Personalities uses the acronym format introduced by Myers-Briggs. The assessment measures Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics and Identity. You will receive an accurate description of who you are and why you do things the way you do. It tells you very detailed what personality and which your strengths and weaknesses you have.

  2. There are many different varieties of the DISC Assessment, offered by many companies. I took the free one of Tony Robbins and was pretty impressed. It gives you a several page report that tells you about your natural behavior patterns.

  3. Have you ever noticed how you act differently under stress compared to under "normal" life circumstances? The Energy Leadership Assessment tells you exactly how you operate under everyday circumstances and how stress influences your outlook, attitude, and behaviour. The ELI will help you to be more aware of your actions. As a certified ELI Coach, I’m assessing individuals on a regular basis and can help you discover more about you. If your interested in being assessed and coached, you can find the assessment through my website.

  4. See if your spiritual gifts align with your other assessments. I think you will be surprised when you see it all coming together and it all starts to point you in a common direction.

  5. My favorite assessment is the Strength Finder Assessment. You can either purchase it separately or get it for free when buying the book Now Discover Your Strengths. The assessment will help you find your top 5 strengths.

I believe that when we continue to learn more about ourselves it helps us to be more confident in WHO we are.  It helps us to see how unique each of us and our gifts are. And when we each bring our gifts to the table…that is a force to reckon with!

Comment below which assessment is your favorite and what discoveries you’ve made about yourself this week.