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private coaching

Meet with Angie one on one for coaching. We will work on all parts of your life to bring them into balance and create lasting peace. Areas of life we will focus on: relationships, finances, health, life purpose, family, spiritual, personal development, fun, and any other area you would like to discuss. To get started schedule a FREE consult so we can discuss how coaching may benefit you and your unique situations.

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Group Coaching

I will run different groups throughout the year for you to take advantage of. Group coaching usually consists of exercises, virtual calls with the group, and coaching within the group. It is a safe place based on trust and confidentiality to share between other women. We learn and encourage each other through the process of our life changes. When there is an open group it will be posted under “work with me”.

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workshops & retreats

There will be at least two workshops and one retreat that will be held every year in Oregon. Each event will have a different focus, but all will work on baby steps to reach your goals. You will walk away with new friends, hope for the future and a revitalized energy to go and create the life you want and deserve to live. I hope you will join us! Check the “work with me” section of this website for available events.