"I met Angela through a mentorship program at work. Initially she was just my mentor who gave me advice on how to succeed at work. However, she became much more than that when I started becoming more honest with her about what I wanted in life. When I first met her, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go – I wasn’t happy with my current path in my career, but I also didn’t know what I truly wanted to do, and making big changes was frightening for me. Angela was always inquisitive, calm, and understanding whenever we met. She would ask me right questions, gave me exercises to help organize my thoughts, gave me thoughtful, honest advice when needed, and ultimately helped me realize where my true passions were. She gave me reassurance and comfort in my choices when I felt insecure. In just 5 months of meeting with her, I have taken so much action and totally realigned my career path to what I truly want for my life. Back when I was on my old career path, I hated thinking about growing older. However, now that I have these new goals, I am so excited for the future because I look forward to reaching these new goals that Angela has helped me realize. Angela was much more than just a mentor to me, and I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to meet her!" - Jasmin Tran

“I remember years ago you walked me through a very stressful situation and you said "OK, calm down. What's the very next thing you need to do?" I'll always remember you saying those words because since then I've repeated those same words over to myself many times. You definitely practice what you preach and I'm so happy you are doing what God created you to do. I'm proud of you!!” – Sandra Tracy

 “Angie is engaging, smart and easy to share my thoughts with. She creates a safe space to explore areas where I am stuck and helps lead me to new thinking and new ways of seeing things easily and with such deep compassion. Her faith shines through in every session and stands as the foundation for all of her actions. I really enjoy working with Angie and look forward to our next session with positive anticipation.” – Lorrie Fecker Shamarin


 "I wasn’t sure what to expect out of coaching. I thought maybe you would help convince me that real estate is a great choice and I should focus more on it (just like everyone else), but I was pleasantly surprised. You chose to ask the right questions and ACTUALLY LISTEN. Rather than squashing my dreams and feelings, you gave me direction based on what I actually desire out of life (something I wasn’t even aware of).

I discovered the true desires and pathways of my life. I joined a band! I’m no longer trying to force anything on myself. Just being open and allowing opportunity to come! I used to believe that I cannot be a singer. I now believe that repressing stuff isn’t healthy or good and I am capable of whatever I set my mind to!

I learned that in an attempt to be self-reliant, I was having very self-limiting thoughts that were actually holding me back. I have learned it’s important to harness the inner self in all endeavors, even professional.

I would recommend McNulty Coaching Services to anyone. You don’t beat around the bush, but you get to the point in a very kind and gentle way. Thank you for helping me see my true self again. Truly, you’ve been a blessing. Thank you so much, Angie!"

“Working with Angie has been nothing short of incredible. Her passion for helping you succeed is palpable and this comes out in every aspect of working with her. Her open-mindnessness, respect and compassion really made me feel heard and acknowledged. Her empowering questions really allowed me to dig deep and find the underlying blocks that were preventing me from moving forward. Working with Angie has allowed me to live a more energetic and fulfilled life and I can't recommend her enough.” – Mark Sherwood

 “Angie brings a gentle presence to her coaching that invites me to embrace my strengths and reach for a brighter future. She is articulate, clear and patient as she encourages me to take steps towards my goals.” – Dave Koshinz

 “I have worked with Angie in the past and can't say enough good things. She's patient, listens, crafts a fantastic collaborative strategy and gives you the insight to hit each and every milestone. Please, if you are looking for a little coaching, hit up Angie McNulty!” – Yvonne Provines